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Simply Herb Cannabis

Simply Herb is a brand that makes an assortment of cannabis strains and derivatives. Simply Herb grows, cultivates, and manufactures its own items for distribution to various dispensaries in Massachusetts.

Simply Herb Cannabis

Product Line

Simply Herb offers a wide assortment of products for your convenience. Whether you like to smoke or vape, this brand has everything you need to get high. Here’s a quick rundown of all the products you can find from Simply Herb.


You can buy whole flowers from many different strains. This brand offers full 50/50 hybrids, as well as Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant options. So, however you like to get high, you should be able to find a flower to suit your needs.


Popcorn buds are much smaller than traditional buds (and they resemble popcorn, hence the name). However, despite their diminutive size, these buds are just as potent and enjoyable as full-size flowers. Also, popcorn weed can sometimes be cheaper, depending on the strain.

Shake Weed

If you’ve packed your own joints or blunts before, you know how hard it is to trim and pack a full-size flower. Shake weed can often work better because it’s thinner and smaller, allowing you to pack each joint more densely for a smoother high. Shake weed is also more affordable because it’s less versatile than a whole bud.

Infused Shake

One of the best ways to get high is to smoke infused flowers. In this case, the cannabis is infused with concentrates for a more potent, smoother smoking experience. Since this is infused shake weed, it’s perfect for rolling blunts and joints. This product is pretty potent, though, so newbies may want to build a tolerance before trying it.


If you don’t have the time, energy, or patience to pack and roll your own joint, you can buy high-quality pre-rolls from Simply Herb. The company uses high-quality strains for these joints, not sticks and stems like other brands.


Vaping has become one of the more popular ways to enjoy cannabis, and Simply Herb offers many of its strains in vape form. Plus, the brand adds fruity and sweet flavors to make the experience tastier and smoother.

Simply Herb Cannabis Review

When you pick up a Simply Herb product, you’ll notice the package design is remarkably plain. However, where the brand lacks in graphic design, it more than makes up for with high-quality weed. In fact, the packaging helps illustrate that the cannabis is the star of the show, not the label. Most users report a smooth, enjoyable high, regardless of product.

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Where to Buy Simply Herb in Massachusetts

Simply Herb is available in many dispensaries throughout Massachusetts, so it’s not hard to find. However, not all dispensaries will carry each product, so call ahead of time to verify.

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