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From shatter and wax to live resin and sugar, cannabis concentrates have grown to be some of the most appreciated cannabis products. So much so that concentrates have their own unofficial holiday: 7/10 Dab Day. This is a day of celebration for all the people who have an affinity for those pure and potent dabs pulled from our favorite plant. Why is 7/10 oil day? What happens on National Dab Day? Is this like 4/20? Find out all you will want to know as the day approaches below.

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Why is 7/10 dab day?

7/10 Dab Day” has become a significant date in cannabis culture due to its association with the consumption and celebration of cannabis concentrates, often referred to as “dabs.” The date, 7/10, when viewed upside down, resembles the word “OIL,” which is a common term used to describe concentrated cannabis extracts such as hash oil, wax, resin, rosin, butane hash oil (BHO), and more. This play on numbers has turned July 10th into one more festive occasion for enthusiasts of cannabis to celebrate the plant in its most potent form: concentrates.

The true origins of 7/10 as Dab Day are a little murky. However, we do know that the term first began showing up in mainstream media around 2013, which is also the year of the first 7/10 celebration in the cannabis community. Today, 7/10 is widely recognized, second only to the well-known 4/20. And, most importantly, this is the best time to find 7/10 deals on concentrate at your favorite dispensaries!

Concentrate Deals to Watch for at Our Abington Dispensary for 7/10

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Our recreational menu is full of all the best brands when it comes to cannabis concentrates in MA. Therefore, 7/10 is slated to be an excellent time to visit our dispensary at Natural Agricultural Products. We’ll have everything from mix-and-match deals and percentage-off savings to insane opportunities to save on hash, resin, batter, wax, rosin, and more.

You will find good deals on the best concentrates in the state from brands like:

In addition to good dab deals, we will also have chances to save on your favorite cannabis vapes and disposables. After all, these vapes would not be possible without the highly potent oils used to bring these highly favored flower alternatives to life. Look for chances to save on your favorite brands for 7/10, such as Nimbus, Eureka, and Kushy Punch.

How to Celebrate National Dab Day

  • Gather with friends or fellow enthusiasts who appreciate cannabis concentrates.
  • Host or attend a dabbing session to try out different types of concentrates.
  • Explore local dispensaries for special concentrate deals and fun events.
  • Share your experiences and knowledge on social media using #NationalDabDay or related hashtags.
  • Educate yourself and others about different extraction methods and types of concentrates.

Look for the Best Deals for National Dab Day at NAP

Looking for deals on concentrates near me to celebrate 7/10 in Massachusetts? Look no further than Natural Agricultural Products in Abington, MA. We always have some of the best dispensary deals on the menu, but cannabis holidays like 7/10 give us even bigger reasons to offer dab deals and awesome savings on vapes. Be sure to keep an eye on our menu or ask about cannabis concentrates on sale when you stop in for a visit.

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